Happy Release Day, Ben Skrewd!

Today is the day, the day I’ve been waiting MONTHS for! Can you sense my excitement?

11 Red Door Reads authors have come together to give you 11 novellas for .99 cents each! But what makes it so fun is our easter egg character, Ben Skrewd. Yep, you read that right. Say it out loud.

who's Ben SkrewdYou don’t get such an awesome name unless things go terribly, horribly wrong. Wheee!

My novella in this fabulous group of awesome is HEXED. I had so much fun writing this book, so I truly hope you enjoy the shenanigans. I mean, deep, thoughtful prose.


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Hexed promo

TODAY’S FUN If you’re naturally kind,

If you’re naturally kind, you attract a lot of people you don’t like. – William Feather. And that, William, is why I am not. ;)

Today’s fun fact-Chuck Norris’ first name is actually Carlos. Does not have the same ring to it.

Bonus fact-A 23-year-old man from Nebraska legally changed his name to “Tyrannosaurus Rex.” So… he’s mentally sound.

Bear family Christmas Vaca, ya’ll!

So it’s that time of year again. No, not Christmas. Track out. Aside from summer track out, it’s the longest break of the year.

Just last week, I was blabbing to all who would listen how I looked forward to track out because that meant sleeping in, no lunch packing, no worrying about clean uniforms, no homework, etc.

It would be the bomb diggity. Blah, blah, blah.

Well, it is the bomb.

Here’s how day one is going so far…

Happy Halloween!

MC900436223[1]It’s Halloween!! May your day be filled with spooks and candy!

Happy Halloween from the Bears!

Halloween video for your enjoyment.


Malice, Mischief & Men releases!

Cue the fireworks!

Grab the wine (or your booze of choice)!

Throw confetti!


That’s right, like a little girl.

Today is the official release of

Malice, Mischief & Men!


Seven bestselling authors.

Seven shades of romantic suspense.

A story for every mood.

Angel Unborn is in this set, so you’re not getting a new Deadly Sins story with it, BUT you are getting six more amazing stories from six fabulous authors for a steal!

Grab it while it’s hot!

3D MMM in black

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Check out our trailer!

Demon Undamned cover reveal!

Today is the one year anniversary of my first published book, Angel Unborn. It took me five years from first word to pubbed (I lost count of all the different versions it went through).

In celebration, I’m sharing the cover for Demon Undamned, book 3 in the Deadly Sins series. Chamos was the villain in book one but now he’s the (reluctant) hero of his own tale.

deman undamned 2

What do you think? Do those abs make you as happy as they make me?

Another video debacle.

So. Per request, I’ve made another useless make-up video. Don’t get excited–it wasn’t meant to be good (although, it wasn’t meant to be nearly as bad as it is either).

I’m not remotely as articulate as I’d hoped. And the stark lighting from high above gives me a weird double chin while almost making it disappear. And where the fuck did those forehead wrinkles come from?!

I could go on and on about how I suck, but you can just see for yourself.

Don’t yell or throw things at me. Please and thank you.



Friday the 13th? Yep, it’s fitting for my day on the Indie-Credible tour! Stop by and show my full-of-glitter-and-unicorns-awesome host, Mickey, some love over at imabookshark.com

I’m giving away a print copy of Angel Unleashed and there’s also a tour giveaway, so drop your name in the rafflecopter and enter to win some goodies!

Big hugs and sloppy kisses!