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Good afternoon, my lovies!

With the Lane Chronicles finished and in your hot, little hands, and since I’ve gotten several questions about the next release–a Deadly Sins or a Scandal?–I thought I’d share the answer here.

I’m excited to say a DEADLY SINS!

All Wicked’s Eve is in the works as we speak type read? And will be to you soon! To give you a little hint as to what to expect, I’m sharing an excerpt that I’ve previously only shared with my newsletter subscribers. It takes place right after Demon Undamned and paves the way for what is coming…


All Wicked's Eve

Her legs gave out long before her will, dropping her onto the hard, graveled ground. Dirt dusted her fingertips and caked under her nails as she dragged herself along the darkened corridor.
Rocks bit into her flesh, but the small stings were a gentle breeze compared to the hurricane ravaging her from the inside.
She’d been warned, and thought she’d prepared, shoring up her defenses in anticipation.
She’d been a fool.
Not even one such as herself could adequately prepare for the furious onslaught destroying her from the inside.
The burn was too much—too hot, too fast. Too powerful.
They thought they had won, that they had bested her. As if she hadn’t foreseen the attack, their ridiculous plan—hell, their every move.
The only reason the demon had left her domain alive was because she had allowed it. Killing him, and the child he’d stolen, would not serve her purpose. One battle was nothing—she wanted to win the war.
That child’s holy blood was her secret weapon.
And her greatest enemy.
A low, tortured moan rasped from her lips as the air in her lungs turned to ash. Even as she commanded her body to move, it curled up on itself, denying her will to fight. Agony soared from intense to super nova. Her spine snapped, yanking her body taut in an unnatural stretch, and her screams came out piercing and unrecognizable to hear own ears.
For the first time in her long, eternal life, she felt fear—fear of failure, fear of the fire waiting to consume her. The suffocating emotion welled up in her chest, threatening her resolve until she began to wonder if she was capable of surviving, much less controlling, the force within her.
Somewhere in the back of her mind, she knew this was the moment that would decide her fate—either she would get control of the power coursing through her veins, or it would control her.
Rage charged her blood, fueling her conviction. “I will never be under another’s command again.”
Gritting her teeth with the knowledge it would only get worse, she dropped her defenses and gave the fury free rein.
She embraced the pain, called to it like a long-lost lover, and used it to master her will.
Uncurling her form, inch by cramping inch, she called her fire. Black flames lit across her palm, soothing the burn deep within her bones.
Relief flitted off her lips with a sigh. She pushed up into a seated position, and then called the other power. Pain seared down her arm, but she held firm, refusing to back down until blue flames, light and delicate as butterfly wings, flickered to life in her hand.
Despite the powerful pulse throbbing against her heartbeat, she lifted her gaze, as if her Father could see her, and smiled.
Lucifer was going home.

Dead End Lane is here!

On the off chance you’ve not heard me shouting from the top of my lungs (it’s impressive, I assure you), the final episode in the Lane Chronicles is finally here!

Dead End Lane released today, and I cannot wait to hear back from you readers!

If you’ve read the first two in the Lane Chronicles and have been waiting for the third, wait no more! Find out if Roxy sticks to her vigilante plan…

Scandal RL 3ibooks2

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***This the third and final episode of a serialized novel***

Despite Nate’s assurance that Brody Harrison is under investigation for the assault on her sister, there is an unrelenting darkness within her, demanding justice—swift, brutal justice.
But before Roxy can put her plan into motion, she stumbles upon Scandal’s dangerous underbelly. Hunter becomes prey, and Roxy must decide which is more important—vengeance… or her life.

Some like it hot!

As Memory Lane is on the verge of release,  I’m curious to know how hot you like your romance. Nate and Roxy, my detective and his lady sleuth, finally get a steam scenes in this episode, and I’m dying to know….

How hot do you like it?

Say hello to my little Romantic Suspense

Happy Saturday, my lovies!

And happy release day to me!

Lovers Lane, the first episode in my romantic suspense serialized novel, is finally out and about!

Scandal RL 1

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Can I just confide in your for a second? I’m nervous about this one. It’s my first romantic suspense, my first serialized novel, AND it is darker than my paranormal romance novels. I write about Heaven and Hell, for goodness sake, how is that possible?!

Because this series looks to our darker side, the evil within. I don’t want to give up too much about what’s coming (don’t want to ruin it for you!) but it deals with crimes we associate with anywhere but the United States (especially war torn countries where people are desperate) but it’s active and thriving on our soil.

I truly hope you enjoy Roxy and Nate and ride with them until the end.

Much love,


The girl has a name!

Much thanks to all of you who voted and/or suggested a name for Joey’s daughter! I tried out so many names for her that I never thought I’d find one she’d like. Yes, she. I might have created her, but I am in no way in charge. Hell, going by the bickering in my head, no one is in charge of this girl.

I think her name fits her perfectly! What do you think?



Name that kid!

Holy cow! I put out a call to help me name Joey’s daughter, a key character in an upcoming book, and man, did you guys deliver! A little too well as I now I have even more awesome names to choose from!

I asked for something feminine, but not girlie. Mature, but not old. Something that is both classic and conveys a woman of power.

Though I liked and considered more than this list, I had to narrow it down to just a few choices. And I still can’t decide!

Help me again by placing your vote? Don’t like any of the options? Suggest a name in the comments!

Say Hello!

Can I just take a moment to shout? Oh, wait–why am I asking? This is my damn website.


  ibooks2                          kindle    nook   kobo

She calms the beast in him.
Haunted by a single act of vengeance, Incubus Chamos longs for only one thing—the peace found in death’s embrace. But when Satan targets the one woman to make him believe in redemption, he must not only reveal his biggest regret, but fight his overwhelming need to possess the enticing shaman.

His touch awakens the darkness in her.
Raised to conceal her shamanic gifts, Shula Blackfox doesn’t trust the darkly sensual Chamos, especially when he reveals that she is part of an ancient prophecy to unleash mankind’s darkest enemy. With a deadly power stirring to life inside her, Shula must put her faith in a demon that makes her long for sinful pleasures while confronting a sinister past to save a future she may not live to see.

This damn demon has been dancing around in my head for approximately six years–six #$%^ing years. Chamos was there from the start, causing mayhem and running amuck (of course he was–he was the villain not so long ago), but now it’s his turn to claim center stage and woo the heroine.

Quite honestly, I was starting to doubt we’d ever make it this far. Chamos did not cooperate in the writing of his story. In fact, he was kind of a prick about it. I’d write one direction, and he’d cross his arms, insolent and stubborn. Making the wrong assumption that I was in charge, I did the same. Surely, my own character couldn’t out last me.

Yeah. About that. He not only held out longer, he convinced me his version was better. It took me a while to pull my head out of my… first draft and listen, but I did. And I’m so pleased with how things turned out.

I truly hope you love Chamos and Shula as much as I do. Their story has been a looong time coming.

Demon Undamned releases on….


I cannot honking believe how long it’s taken me to get this story to you. It was the roughest one I’ve written, by far. Who knew a demon’s past could be so intricate?

What a diva.

Not only is the release date of my fine, damned friend set, but he also has a pre-order going on! That’s right. iBooks already has him locked and loaded. Check him out here, yo.

ibooks2And to further celebrate, I thought you’d like a little snippet of my demon and his shaman. Enjoy.

Chamos and Shula bath


Coming soon!

I cannot wait to share Demon Undamned with you! Chamos has been lurking since the beginning, whispering sweet everythings into my ears. Not about me, unfortunately, but we’ll ignore that.

In anticipation of a VERY coming-soon release, I thought I’d share one of the darker scenes in the book. I hope you like!

Chamos copy

He pulled her to a stop before the stone but didn’t release her. “Can we discuss this?”

“We have.” She sat on the edge of the altar and swung her legs up, aligning them with the straps and buckling them around her ankles.

Then she lay down and positioned her wrists. Staring straight ahead, she said, “I can’t do this by myself. Please, Chamos.”
His hesitation gave her a moment of trepidation, but he did as she asked, and then moved behind her head, placing the leather band across her forehead. For some reason that last strap was the hardest and she nearly cried uncle. Instead, she bit down on the inside of her cheek.

As if sensing her agitation, Chamos pressed into her field of vision. He cupped her face, an awkward fit from their upside down position. His thumb drew a line along her nose to her mouth. “It’s to keep you from struggling. And hurting yourself.”

“Oh.” That wasn’t petrifying at all.

He peered down at her a long moment, resignation bright in his gaze. He pressed a kiss to her forehead. Tears threatened. With every wistful move he made, her resolve weakened. Not because she didn’t want to follow through—although, she couldn’t say she was enjoying the experience so much—but because she hated seeing him surrender to it. She wanted to assure him she’d be fine, but it was a lie and they both knew it. Even if the ritual went off without a hitch, she’d never be the same.

He swept his mouth over hers, a tentative brush, asking for nothing more. Until her lips parted and he deepened the kiss. His mouth was hot on hers, his teeth grazing her lips and tongue as he kissed her with abandon. Nothing stood between them in that moment—no fears, no expectation. He claimed her with his kiss and devoured her every breath like a man possessed.

Never had she resented the straps more as she was near desperate to glide over his skin, running the lines of every corded muscle. “Chamos.” His name slipped off her tongue with a low moan.

Hands tightening in her hair, Chamos gave her a chaste peck and then pulled away with a muttered curse. “Last chance to change your mind.”

“Is that what that was, an incentive?”

“No. That was something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time.”

Me too. Let’s do it again. And possibly never stop.

Instead, she said, “I’m ready.”

Chamos didn’t argue this time. His sword shifted into his hand. The large blade reflected the flickering flames, making it appear more sinister than a simple knife, though both could bleed her dry. That the ruby colored stone set in the hilt of the sword seemed to glow with the fire didn’t help to ease her anxiety.

Her demon positioned himself between her feet. He set the sword aside to remove her boots and socks. Lifting one foot as much as the strap allowed, he dragged the blade against the back of her ankle. Her leg jerked at the sting of pain. She sent him an apologetic, “sorry,” but he had already moved on to the other foot.

Expecting the sting, she controlled her body’s response. The warm rush of blood pooled under her leg after he placed it back on the stone. The sound of her blood plopping onto the altar brought her gag reflex to the surface and she had to swallow convulsively to keep from heaving. How long had it been since she’d eaten? She couldn’t remember. There was nothing to throw up but that didn’t stop her stomach from trying.
By the time he’d finished with her wrists, her skin was crawling with the need to escape.

Her teeth chattered. She clamped her jaw, but the energy moved on to her limbs in the form of shaking. If not for the all cold and no numb, she’d think it was shock. But the aloofness one had with shock wasn’t with her—she felt everything in Technicolor.

Chamos’ boots scraped over the dirt as he came to stand at her at her side. Shadows danced across his face, giving him a look devoid of emotion. Or maybe he really was as detached as he looked.
He cupped the base of her skull with one hand, angling her head so as to expose her neck. She squeezed her eyes tight, breath held in stasis, anticipating the cut which would catapult her into the unknown.

Then he slit her throat.