Oh how I love to love love

Love—a beautiful word which does little to define its meaning or emotions—butterflies in the stomach, a breathless anticipation, elevated pulse…

And yet some people look down on the one story we all want to live—a love story.  Romance is a four letter word in the literary community. Those of us who like, nay, need a happily ever after are mental midgets to those of loftier aspirations.

Do you like snobs? Me either.   They suck.

Unless you’re Gargamel or Scrooge, who doesn’t desire love and romance?

It’s like cutting off your non-dominant hand because it doesn’t perform the majority of the tasks. Sure, you can survive one-handed, but why?

I remember when the romance bug bit me.  I used to read horror exclusively—if it wasn’t Stephen King or Dean Koontz, I passed. They spun fabulous webs of terror and mayhem –two of my favorite ingredients.

I was more than satisfied.

Until a Harlequin romance, sitting unobtrusively on the shelf, minding her own business, caught my attention.  I pulled her down for a little look-see. My eyes rounded at the woman with long, flowing blond hair clinging to a bare-chested, dark-haired hero. I was twelve, maybe thirteen?  I didn’t know why the cover fascinated me, but I damn sure liked it.

I read the book. In one sitting. And though I don’t recall one detail about the plot, I do remember thinking, “What is that? And he’s going to do what with it?!”

I was hooked.

I loved the tension. The angst. The heartache. The high highs and the low lows of the heart.  Even when I knew the hero and heroine would find their happy ending, I wanted a ticket on that ride.

As writers, we strive to capture all that’s worth suffering to get our Happily Ever After.  It’s not always pretty—sometimes it’s downright ugly—but never is it negligible.

We all want to connect with someone special, to know we’re appreciated and loved for who we are.

That’s the heart of every romance.

And to you snobby-bottoms who think romance is smut for the dim-witted, over-worked housewife, statistics show romance readers are college educated, work outside the home, have happier marriages and enjoy sex more than non-romance readers.

Our numbers are growing and soon we’ll take over the world (cue evil laugh)!

Romance. It’s the new black.


8 thoughts on “Oh how I love to love love

  1. Great post. My first trip into the romance genre was with Danielle Steel’s The Promise. It was serialized in a magazine and couldn’t stop reading. Unfortunately, my mother caught me and took it away…like that worked. I’ve been hooked on romance ever since.

    Lucie j.

    • I love, love, LOVE this post! And who doesn’t want happier marriages and more enjoyable sex? Maybe those dim-witted snobs trying to mull through another chapter of War and Peace can find satisfaction in its wandering plot.

  2. Lucie, soon after I read that first romance, I tried writing my own. My mother found it in my bookbag…YIKES! I won’t ever forget that conversation. My ears are still burning. And clearly, it didn’t work on me either. ;0}

  3. Hey Lilly! I don’t get the prejudice either–why not enjoy a romantic mental vacation and come back renewed? The naysayers can have their stodgy literature. I’m going to indulge myself silly and enjoy every second. ;}

  4. This is awesome! Romance is the new black. 🙂 Yes!!! And I’m in that educated crowd! Romance is about ALL I read … and I’ve got the Masters degree to prove I’m smart! 😉 Now take *that* all you naysayers. 🙂

  5. Girl, some of us are trendsetters before we even know it, lol! And I’m an educator turned stay-at-home mom. We have a book club in our neighborhood and the selections got so depressing that I quit participating. I mean EVERY selection was death, abuse, suicide- you name it! If I want that, I’ll just turn on the evening news. blech!

  6. Marquita,
    Oh I like the idea of being a trendsetter! I’m all aflutter. ;} I agree that with the world as it is today, there is no shortage of ugly. I need the stories I read to lift me up, not pull me down further. Throw in an hot alpha hero and I’m good to go. lol.

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