My first Vlog

I’ve made several videos (not that kind!). I usually prefer to stay off screen and stick with tutorials. However, I got this idea to do a book review vlog series. Yeah. I don’t know why, other than my obvious need for humiliation.

So. Did I research and study how to do a proper vlog book review? Did I learn the camera and video editing software before diving in like Greg Lousganis?

Hell no.

Who do you think you’re dealing with?

I sat down and gave my daughter’s free rein with my makeup. Because nothing says a trial book review vlog like letting my children paint rape my face.


8 thoughts on “My first Vlog

  1. Only in the designated areas!
    Oh jeez I have to catch my breath. That was hysterical! Thank you so much for being much braver than I would ever be.
    Oh! And thanks for the lip gloss tip…never knew three coats was the way to go.

    • Glad you enjoyed it! My girls certainly had more fun than they deserved, the rotten tarts. 😉 I think if I ever allow such a thing again, I will have to be heavily sedated or flat out drunk first. Bahaha!

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