Pintester + me + Cocknails = EPIC GOOD TIME!

So last week I filmed Cocknails with the awesome sauce Pintester, Sonja Foust.

Thankfully, she likes me well enough to cut out the really stupid shit I said. Well, some of it. She left in a pretty plenty, cementing my role for all videos to come.


Wanna see? Click link below!

Cocknails: Root Bear Floats and Floating Clouds Manicure.


2 thoughts on “Pintester + me + Cocknails = EPIC GOOD TIME!

  1. Watched the video and couldn’t help laughing. I hate root beer, but the whip cream vodka looked good. lol! The nails? Better than he make up job you got from your daughters. Almost. lol!! Love ya!

    • I love Root Beer, especially in this concoction! Hell, the clown above looks better than what the girls did to me! Now my son wants to make a video with me–I can only imagine what kind of video he wants to me. I’m scared!

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